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Kokura Castle faced the biggest crisis on the wold history!

Kokura town of Kitakyushu city is the gateway of Kyushu. Tadaoki Hosokawa who achieved good results in Battle of Sekigahara in 1600 obtained territory of Kokura as reward. The town has developed greatly after that. ↑Current Kokura town of Kitakyushu city. Kokura Castle stand in the city centre was built by Tadaoki with 7years from 1602. Currently, inside of the castle is exhibition room which is introducing the history of Kokura Castle. There are Kokura Castle Garden and Matsumoto Seicho Memorial Museum around the castle which delights the eye of visitors. Kokura Castle Garden is area which is restored mansion of Ogasawara family who was the lord of Kokura Castle … Read More

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