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What should we use medicinal plants of Mt. Ibuki for?

Mt. Ibuki is beautiful mountain that strides between Shiga prefecture and Gif prefecture, and the elevation is 1,377m. Basho Matsuo who is the most famous poet of the Edo period (1603-1868) in Japan composes for Mt. Ibuki as “Mt. Ibuiki is excellent mountain by itself even without support of moon.↑Mt. Ibuki↑Poem monument of Basho on Mt. Ibuki ↑The summit of Mt. Ibuki↑The around of summit of Mt. Ibuki↑The view from summit of Mt. Ibuki Regarding the above poem, I think Basho composed by observing the surface, the plant that is covering the surface is also one of the attraction of Mt. Ibuki. According to the survey results, Mt. Ibuki has … Read More

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Let’s join in the lakeside district boat tour and observe the reed in Ohmihachiman!

View from houseboat floating leisurely on the water. It’s . . . . . Lush vegetation is growing on the both sides of waterway. Waterfowl appear occasionally. Tortoise is basking in the sun. Unusual and comfortable space where surrounded calm landscape . . . . . . It is a privilege given to the people who experience the lakeside district boat tour of Ohmihachiman. The lakeside district of Ohmihachiman expands around “Nishino Lake” where is the biggest lake as inside lake of Biwa Lake. This lakeside district was selected as first Cultural Landscape of Japan in Jan-2006, and also it was registered as Ramsar Convention in Oct-2008. It means Japanese … Read More

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