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The evolved Konpeito is produced in “Ryokujuan-Shimizu” in Kyoto

Green, White, Pink. The colors have not only tongue but also eyes enjoy combination with unique shape. The candy is mysterious shape. It is Konpeito! Konpeito is in Japan from long ago. It is also found on the literature issued in 1688 that mention a tradesman became a millionaire by the success of Konpeito production. In reality, Konpeito came from Portugal and spread in Japan. It was Confeito that was presented when Portuguese missionary Luis Frois had an audience with Nobunaga Oda who is supreme ruler of the day in 1569. “Konpeito” was a corrupted from of “Confeito”. By the way, “Konpei” is including meaning of strong and robust. Konpeito came all the way form … Read More

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Is there Kobori Enshu CODE in the garden of Konchi-in Temple?

Leonardo da Vinci He is called Universal Man, and left many achievement for picture, engraving, architecture, music, science, mathematics, engineering, invention, anatomy, earth science, topography, botany and so on. Kobori Enshu was the 2nd lord for the domain of Bichu Matsuyama,the after that, he became the 1st lord for the domain of Omi Komuro, but he also took an active part in the tea ceremony, the art of flower arrangement, architecture, garden designer, ceramic art, invention, calligraphy, poem and so on. Consequently, he is called Leonard da Vinci of Japan. It is enviable he has versatile ability! This is off the topic,but there is a Konchi-in Temple that is sub-temple … Read More

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Let’s play the leading part on the stage of Kiyomizu Temple!

It’s like a huge woodwork! Even though it is an artifact, it is in perfect harmony with the surrounding mountains. Everyone will be fascinated in the landscape. Kiyomizu Temple was founded in 778. The current appearance was reconstructed by third Shogun Iemitsu Tokugawa in 1633. Kiyomizu Temple is famous for its stage.  In Japan, there is a proverb that says “Jump off from the stage of Kiyomizu”. Its meaning is “to take the plunge”. Actually, are there people who jumped off? According to the record, it seems to have jumped even 234 people, including those that have been detained in advance from 1694 to 1864. The reason why jumping off … Read More

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