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Unexpected story for the sacred place “Kōyasan” of Shingon Buddhism

By the way, the unexpected story arouses interest. The spread ground is appeared suddenly on mountain of height above 900m. It is Buddhist city in the sky “Koyasan” ! ↑Temple town of Koyasan ↑Koyasan_Danjo-Garan An unexpected story get mixed also in here. The basin where 6 km east-west and north-south about 3 km is surrounded by peaks of 8 leaves. The 8 leaves symbolize petals of lotus flower, so the terrain is expressed “As lotus flower opens”. It became 1200th in 2015 since Kobo-Daish Kukai opened an exercise hall of Shingon Buddhism in this place. Indeed it is the sacred place of Shingon Buddhism, so there are a lot of … Read More

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