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Himeji Castle is protected by invisible power

The white wall that is shining in the sky of commelina communis color will fascinate the visitors.Himeji Castle specified as Japanese national treasure and World Heritage site is on the summit of Japanese castle architectural.Himeji Castle was built by Sadanori Akamatsu firstly in 1346. The base of current castle tower was built in 1581.↑Stone wall around 1581 After that, Terumasa Ikeda who became the lord of castle commenced drastic remodeling in 1601. 9 years after, the Himeji Castle that we can see now was completed.What this beautiful castle keeps original form is nothing other than gratitude. There is a fact that Himeji Castle has escaped the threat of war and … Read More

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How was water supplied to Ako Castle?

“Ako incident” or “Forty-seven rōnin disambiguation” is very famous historical story in Japan. The hero of this story is Mr Naganori Asano. Mr Naganao Asano who is grandfather of Naganori completed Ako Castle with spending 13 years from 1610. Mr Masazumi Kondo who was a chief retainer of Naganao and military scientist designed Ako Castle, and Sokou Yamaga who was also military scientist was invited and added treatment during building of the castle. As described Ako Castle is built according to military science, and the characteristic is complicated and zigzag stonewall and each gate that is established with different angle. Therefore Ako Castle is very rare castle that has deformation … Read More

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The fusion of nature and artificial building is an attraction of Engyo-ji temple

The plain where artificial buildings spread and the mountains covered with lush green natural trees cross and produce a beautiful scenery. This is the view form Mount Shosha where is about 4 minutes by ropeway, elevation 371m. ↑ Ropeway ↑Mount Shosha The Mount Shosha himself also keeps superb balance by artificial buildings and lush green natural trees. Engyo-ji temple is arranged as if the buildings melt into the forest on the Mount Shosha. Never a nail and a spike is used on the pillars that support detachment of Manido that is main building of Engyo-ji temple. ↑Manido Engyo-ji temple was founded by priest Shoku in 966 will make visitor feel fusion of artificial, … Read More

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