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The roof tiles of Ganko-ji Temple have continued to see the sky of Japan

The roof tiles have continued to look up at the sky of Japan even though it is clear day, rainy day, fierce day, and snow day. The roof tiles of Gango-ji Temple in Nara are regarded as the oldest Japanese roof tiles in existence. The origin of Ganko-ji Temple is Hoko-ji Temple in Asuka region that was the first Japanese orthodox temple. Hoko-ji Temple was moved into current place of Nara in 718. A part of the roof tiles of the main hall is regarded that it was carried at that time. Such the valuable Ganko-ji Temple are designated as World Heritage Site, and also main hall and Zen room … Read More

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What is the original form of Ishibutai Tumulus?

Is the form that is piled many big stones trying to blend with the surrounding scenery? Or it would like to parade a dignified appearance? It will show various expressions. Ishibutai Tumulus produces such the atmosphere. The gross weight that makes a stone burial chamber is about 2,300 tons. Even though, only a ceiling stone is 77 tons. It was concluded it was 50 square meters big double-deck square tumulus by the excavation survey in the nineteen-thirties. ↑The first deck of tumulus and moat Sogano no Umako is a man who laid the foundation of Soga family around 500-600. It is a commonly accepted theory Ishibutai Tumulus is for Soga … Read More

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Japan’s high technology which support the Heijo Palace from beneath

There is a ruins of Heijo Palace in Nara where was the former capital city in Japan about 1300 years ago. It was the big palace which length was 1.3km for east and west, 1.0km for north and south, and the area was 120 hectare. One of the etymology of Nara comes from “It was made by leveling the ground”. When translate “level the ground” in Japanese, it is “Nara-su”. The ruin of Heijo Palace is one of the representative historic site which suit closely the etymology of Nara. Nara is said that the east end of the Silk Road. Due to that, many people who came from China, Korea … Read More

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