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Things that you can see at Daisenryo Tomb

It’s the biggest ancient tomb in Japan! It’s the biggest ancient tomb for the surface area in the world! And then, it’s is one of the world three major tomb along with Pyramid of Khufu and Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. That’s Daisenryo Tomb! It shape is the large keyhole.↑Daisenryo Tomb (Reference: Wikipedia) The concrete dimension is as followings. Length=486m Front Square portion: Width=305m, Height=33m Rear Circle portion: Diameter=245m, Height=35m It is the super huge grave! But, but, but…Unfortunately, when we see the grave nearby, it is just small hill. If nobody tells, we can’t understand what it is.↑Daisenryo Tomb However, there is a hot topic that Daisenryo Tomb … Read More

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