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One dog that has continued to protect the city of Otaru with a traditional atmosphere

Otaru in Hokkaido has developed as a port city from long ago.↑Otaru Especially the modernization policy of the Meiji Restoration (1867~1889) has accelerated the development of Otaru. At that time, Japan was focusing on industrialization as a national policy in order to be on par with the Western powers. One of the essentials for that was coal. The government, which knew that high-quality coal could be collected in Horonai area, decided to install a railway between Sapporo and Otaru. Only six months after the start of construction, the third route in Japan was completed, following Shinbashi-Yokohama and Kobe-Osaka, in 1880. Otaru, which played an important role in promoting national policy, … Read More

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It is clean Lake Shikotsu surrounded by a virgin forest

It’s a depression made by volcanic activity. The one that rainwater accumulated there and became a lake is called a crater lake. Lake Shikotsu is one of the crater lakes representing Hokkaido. ↑Lake Shikotsu The biggest lake in Japan is Lake Biwa, but though the area of Lake Shikotsu is 1/9 of Lake Biwa, the volume of water kept in store is the second next to Lake Biwa in Japan. That is obvious, because the depth of the water is also the second in Japan (the maximum depth is 360m). ↑Lake Shikotsu Furthermore, it is fulfilled by high transparency water. The most transparent lake in the world is Lake Baikal … Read More

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