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Things that exist, and the things did not exist in Mt Kanpū

The wind swims freely without any obstruction. Altitude 355m. Mt Kanpū located at the base of the Oga Peninsula has no tall trees or big rocks and the whole surface is covered with turf. ↑Mt Kanpū When I visited Mt Kanpū, it was hard to walk because it was quite a strong wind. For the wind, it seems like foreign body has entered. Geographer Shigahisa Shiga(1863~1927) says that Mt Kanpū is one of the world’s three scenic areas alongside the Grand Canyon of USA and the fjords of Norway. I think that it is a slightly exaggerated expression, but it is certainly a rare landscape and the bird’s-eye view there … Read More

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Akita Beauty who live in castle town of Kubota Castle

Akita is a prefecture located in the Tohoku region of Japan. The first imagined word might be “Akita Beauty” when Japanese men listen to Akita(^^; ↑Publicity poster Beauty of Akita It is said that there are many beautiful women in Akita. Why? There are many kinds of theories as followings. ◆The hours of sunlight of Akita prefecture is the shortest in Japan. Therefore it is few that ultraviolet rays affect people, so there are many people whose skins are white. ◆Formerly, the route existed that connected with the coast of the Sea of Japan, the coast of the Siberia and the Korean Peninsula, so the people who came from Russia … Read More

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