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What kind of taste is white jewelry in Toyama bay!?

We are going to introduce you Japanese Omiyage. (*Omiyage is Souvenir or Gift of Travel) Toyama Bay, where mirages occur in spring and winter, was granted membership in the “World’s Most Beautiful Bays Club” in 2014. Toyama Bay has one of the deepest waters in Japan and is a trove of fish. We will Introduce Omiyage using representatives of seafood caught in Toyama Bay! 【Japanese WEB】 http://japan-history-travel.com/?p=10968

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The settlement of Gokayama gassho-zukuri in unexpectedness

The directly opposite landscape of city is expanding in there. The harmonized landscape where is with artificial building and nature. The settlement where have unique shape houses. Gokayama is settlement of gassho-zukuri. Gassho-zukuri is one of the styles of building. The special feature is steep straw-thatched roof. I think everybody who visit here will be fascinated by this landscape. It is not so old that green of the paddy field was added to the settlement of gassho-zukuri. The starting of rice farming is 1888 in settlement “Ainokura” that is one of the 2 major gassho-zukuri settlements in Gokayama. The starting of rice farming for another settlement “Suganuma” is 1945, it … Read More

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Can Takaoka Big Buddha win the bronze medal?

 Please ask Japanese people “Do you know 3 large statues of Buddha in Japan?” Almost all Japanese people will be able to answer to 2 of the 3, but shouldn’t be able to answer for another 1. The 2 statues are “Nara Big Buddha” and “Kamakura Big Buddha”. Who is the third of the Big Buddha? There are several theories, it means vacant virtually. So this time I would like to focus on the Takaoka Big Buddha which is one of the third candidate. Takaoka is a town of copper, and it has accounted for 90% of the yield of copperware in Japan! Takaoka copperware is also famous nationwide. And … Read More

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