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Murakami citizens value the fish ”IYOBOYA”

 The salmon is normally called “Sake or Shake” in Japanese, but Murakami citizens call “Iyoboya”. Iyoboya imply “Except salmon is not fish. Salmon is only fish.” Murakami citizens love salmon as gift from heaven. Why do they value salmon so much? Mr Buheiji Aoto(A.D.1713~1788)  is man who deepen the relation between Murakami citizens and salmon. What did he do? Miomote River which runs through Murakami area has known as river of salmon and the processed foods of salmon was already paid to the capital as tax in Heian era (A.D.794~1185). However the salmon which was important resource as supporting administration resulted poor catch by excessive fishing in Edo era(A.D.1603~1865), it … Read More

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The relation between Northern Culture Museum and rice

There is a national snack that everyone know if Japanese. The name is Kaki-no-tane. In addition, we call Kaki-pe which is mixed with peanuts. Incidentally, the meaning of Kaki-no-tane is “Seed of persimmon”.  ↑Kaki-no-tane ↑Kaki-pe When you come to Japan, please ask Japanese “Do you know Kaki no tane?” Everyone should answer as always “Yes, Of course!” Due to spicy and soy flavored, Kaki-no-tane is often eaten as a knob of beer. From this, it is called the companion of beer in between Japanese. The raw material of Kaki-no-tane is rice. And one of the best rice production areas is Niigata in Japan. Kameda Seika is one of the company that … Read More

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