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Balance food of SAMURAI

e are going to introduce you Japanese Omiyage. (*Omiyage is Souvenir or Gift of Travel) Retro buildings of Taisho era  bring on tasteful atmosphere in Akechi town of Ena. Akechi town is land related to Mitsuhide Akechi who is main character of year-long Japanese historical drama in 2020. The gift in this time is a wonderful item for history fans. 【Japanese WEB】 http://japan-history-travel.com/?p=10870

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Popular Japanese sweets made from chestnuts in Nakatsugawa

We are going to introduce you Japanese Omiyage. (*Omiyage is Souvenir or Gift of Travel) Nakatsugawa of Gifu Prefecture is surrounded by mountains. Nakatsugawa is sometimes counted as one of the three major Japanese sweets area in Kyoto and Kanazawa. The most famous Japanese sweets of Nakatsugawa is “Kurikinton”. So, there are many omiyages related to Kurikinton in Nakatsugawa. We will introduce one of them in this time. 【Japanese WEB】 http://japan-history-travel.com/?p=10786

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Gujo-Hachiman surrounded by the clear stream and fake food

Sushi, Tempura, Yakitori。。。。。 These are the Japanese typical foods. Japanese food has been registered as World Intangible Cultural Heritage in Dec-2013. Well, what is the definition of Japanese food? According to president Isao Kumakura of Shizuoka University of Art and Culture, 4 items of “Boiled Rice” “Miso Soup” “Side dish” and “Pickles” are basic element of Japanese food, and he say that is the Japanese food if they are completed. And we do not know exactly, but it is said the meals consisting of these elements began about 1000 years ago. These elements have evolved individually in contemporary Japan, and then It have built up a unique food culture which … Read More

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