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Satsuma shochu is a by-product of a certain purpose?

A sweet smell that I can’t express well is breathing in the building, and it makes me feel like I am in the air. One of the typical special products of Kagoshima prefecture is Satsuma shochu. *Shochu is a kind of alcohol. Ichikikushikino is one of the best shochu production areas in Kagoshima prefecture. I visited Denbeegura of Hamadasyuzou. *Denbeegura is plant of shochu. *Hamadasyuzou is company name. So, let’s learn for Satsuma shochu with photos of Denbeegura this time! I will explain for shochu simply. Shochu is a kind of spirits, and it is classified to pot distillation and continuous distillation in Liquor Tax Act of Japan. I think … Read More

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