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A story of a man who was as active as equally 3,000 guns in Nagshino Castle

If you visit Nagashino Castle ruins, you can see the picture that is person who is crucified. What does this picture mean? It can be understood if you read the following. Battle of Nagashino is war it was took between the Allied Forces of Nobunaga Oda and Ieyasu Tokugawa versus forces of Katsuyori Takeda around Nagashino Castle in 1575. ↑Nagashino Castle ruins The feature of this battle is that Nobunaga used a gun in earnest for the first time in Japan. ↑Ruins of Nagashino Castle History Museum↑Ruins of Nagashino Castle History Museum Then, who got the MVP (most valuable player) of Battle of Nagashino? The person is Suneemon Torii! “The … Read More

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Did the career of tearoom “Jo-an” resonate with the founder?

Green trees seen through a paper sliding door. A wash-basin that left the state of nature without processing the stone into perfect form. Stepping-stones of irregular size. It can be said that inside the area is directing an extraordinary space. It doesn’t make excitement of feelings, but it creates state of calm in mind. I always think so when I step in the Japanese garden each time. Urak-en is also no exception. Iwasu gate (Entrance of Uraku-en) If people like history in Japan, there will be some people who come across clearly when they listen to Uraku. Uraku is younger brother of Nobunaga Oda who built foundation of unification the … Read More

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The whole countries unification was started from Matsudaira-gou and globalization go Toyota Motor Corporation

Tokyo is the capital city of Japanese. At one time Tokyo was called Edo. Japan put an end a period to the age of provincial wars about 400 years ago. The man who unified finally countries of rivalry between warlords is Ieyasu Tokugawa. Ieyasu established Tokugawa regime in Edo and built up the strong government structure. After that Edo city have continued growth, and have continued also after the name was changed to Tokyo. And then Tokyo became a leading global city in the world. ↑Edo castle ruins In short, it is no exaggeration to say that Tokyo was built by Ieyasu. By the way, Tokyo became the global city, … Read More

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