”White” is keyword for Takamatsu Castle


Takamatsu Castle_Ushitora turret

Takamatsu Castle of Kagawa prefecture that is one of the Japanese three major water castle in parallel with Imabari Castle of Ehime prefecture and Nakatsu Castle of Oita prefecture was built by Chikamasa Ikoma.

01 Takamatsu Castle_Foundation of castle tower

02 Takamatsu Castle

03 Takamatsu CastleThe current remnant of an old building was repaired by Yorishige Matsudaira who is grandchild of Ieyasu Tokugawa who is the first shogun of Edo regime.

Yorishige entered Takamatsu Castle as the lord of Takamatsu-han in 1642.

※The han is the Japanese historical term for the estate of a warrior after the 12th century or of a feudal lord in the Edo period (1603–1868) and early Meiji period (1868–1912).

After that, Matsudaira family that was close relative with Tokugawa family had reigned for 228 years, 11 generations.

04 Takamatsu Castle_Tsukimi turret

05 Takamatsu Castle_Tsukimi turret

By the way, Takamatsu-han has something to do with white items.

Sanuki sanpaku supported finance of Takamatsu-han. Sanuki means old name of Kagawa prefecture. San of sanpaku means 3. Paku of sanpaku means white. Then, sanpaku indicates cotton, salt and sugar.

Cultivation of cotton is needed warm weather and moderate rainfall. Sanuki is warm weather, but not have much rainfall, so Takamatsu-han encourage cultivation of cotton by equipping irrigation institution and reclaiming unfit ground for rice crop and wheat crop.

And also, Takamatsu-han increased production volume of salt by reclaiming a large-scale saltpan on the coast.

The third white is sugar.

There is a traditional sweet called “Wasanbon” in Japan. Wasanbon is a special product in this region that is famous throughout the country. And then, the sugar that was produced by Takamatsu-han used Wasanbon.

06 Wasanbon

↑Wasanbon(Download from free photo WEB)

The mentioned above is relation between white items and Takamatsu-han, but Sanuki where there was Takamats-han, in a word current Kagawa prefecture is famous for Udon. Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodle of Japanese cuisine. The udon of Kagawa prefecture is called “Sanuki udon”.

07 Sanuki udon↑Sanuki udon

The consumption of Udon per capita in Kagawa prefecture is twice what it was the nationwide average in Japan. Consequently, the citizens of Kagawa prefecture call “Udon prefecture” for own prefecture.

The used amount of wheat flour of Kagawa prefecture for udon according to statistics results in 2009 is 59,643t. It outdistances second place Saitama prefecture’s 24,720t and became the number one in the whole country.

It’s Fantastic!

I can agree they call their-self to be Udon prefecture.

Furthermore, it is not only amount, because genuine Sanuki udon is chewy and very delicious!

Salt that makes the chewy is one of the special products of Takamatsu-han.

Climate that is suitable for wheat cultivation.

Shodo Island and so on that were territory of Takamatsu-han was developing manufacture of soy sauce.

It seems that the above 3 conditions came together and udon making became active.

“Sanuki sanpaku” “Sanuki udon” ….. Takamatsu-han that there is the relation with white items, but I would like to add another white finally.

It’s Takamatsu Castle!

It seems that the exterior of castle tower of Takamatsu Castle was black, but it was rebuilt to white plaster in 1671.

08 Takamatsu Castle_Foundation of castle tower↑Foundation of castle tower of Takamatsu Castle

09 Takamatsu Castle_Image of foundation of castle tower↑Restoration image of castle tower of Takamatsu Castle

The baby’s heart is white and pure. However, many colors will be mixed with increasing age. The white has the effect of giving a clean image such as trust and cleanliness. We would like to keep white and pure heart even though we become adult

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Takamatsu Castle:

2-1 Tamamo-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan

Post code: 760-0030