Akita Beauty who live in castle town of Kubota Castle


Senshu Park_The ruins of Kubota Castle_Osumi TurretAkita is a prefecture located in the Tohoku region of Japan.

The first imagined word might be “Akita Beauty” when Japanese men listen to Akita(^^;

01 Akita Beauty↑Publicity poster Beauty of Akita

It is said that there are many beautiful women in Akita.


There are many kinds of theories as followings.

◆The hours of sunlight of Akita prefecture is the shortest in Japan. Therefore it is few that ultraviolet rays affect people, so there are many people whose skins are white.

◆Formerly, the route existed that connected with the coast of the Sea of Japan, the coast of the Siberia and the Korean Peninsula, so the people who came from Russia and Europe settled. Indeed, it has been proved that 10% of Akita citizens have genetically carrying viruses that only have white people.

◆Hot springs are distributed and exit 30 spots in the whole area of Akita prefecture, so there are many chances to get beauty effectiveness by hot springs.

◆It is said the number of beauty salons per population of Akita prefecture is top the list in Japan. This means that people are looking after appearance usually, and maintaining a beautiful state.

◆Akita citizen’s sleeping hours is top the list in Japan. Keeping sleep firmly will increase the amount of secretion of growth hormone that is necessary for making beautiful skin.

◆Akita prefecture is one of the areas of heavy snowfall in Japan, so it becomes very cold in winter. The blood circulation is improved and becomes beautiful skin by going between a warm room and a very cold outside.

◆Akita’s people take frequently food ingredients that are said to have skin-beautifying effects or fermented food that is said to be able to keep healthy and young body.

How do you think? There are many theories!

I don’t know which theory is true, but if these elements overlap, the number of beautiful women will increase. Don’t think so?

Akita city is the capital city of Akita prefecture where many Akita Beauty live. There is a place that we can look out over the Akita city.

02 Urban area of Akita city↑Urban area of Akita city

It is Senshu Park.

Senshu Park where was improved the ruins of Kubota Castle is the first castle modern park where was changed the ruins of castle to park in Japan.

03 Senshu Park_The ruins of Kubota Castle_The ruins of the main enclosure↑The ruins of the main enclosure of Kubota Castle

Osumi Turret, Omono-gashira Guard house, Main gate these are related to castle, Hachiman Akita Shrine, Iyataka Shrine, Kogetsu pound, and The Statake Historical Material Museum are dotted in the park.

04 Senshu Park_The ruins of Kubota Castle_Osumi Turret↑Osumi Turret

05 Senshu Park_The ruins of Kubota Castle_Omono-gashira Guard house↑Omono-gashira Guard house

06 Senshu Park_The ruins of Kubota Castle_Main gate↑Main gate

07 Senshu Park_Hachiman Akita Shrine↑Hachiman Akita Shrine

08 Senshu Park_Iyataka Shrine↑Iyataka Shrine

09 Senshu Park_Kogetsu pound↑Kogetsu pound

10 Senshu Park_The Statake Historical Material Museum↑The Statake Historical Material Museum

Kubota Castle where is base of Senshu Park was the castle of Yoshinobu Satake who was the first lord for the domain of Akita.

In 1570, Yoshinobu was born in Ibaraki located in the Kanto region of Japan. In 1591, he succeeded to rule around these area together with his father Yoshishige Satake and he set up the base in Mito where is inside of Ibaraki area.

In 1600, Yoshinobu was made moved to Akita because he didn’t assist with Ieyasu Tokugawa who won the Battle of Sekigahara that was war to conquer the whole country. After that Satake family had taken over the lord of domain of Akita for 270 years.

11 Senshu Park_The statue of Yoahitaka Satake↑The statue of Yoahitaka Satake who was final lord of domain of Akita.

By the way, Yoshinobu is involved in one of the theory that there are many beautiful women in Akita.

It is what Yoshinobu took all beautiful women of Mito to Akita, so there are many beautiful women in Akita. Due to this, only non-beautiful women left in Mito…..???

I don’t want to take part in this theory because I might have all women of Mito for enemies(^^;

However if this theory was true, Yoshiobu might have been good-looking man or extreme ugly men.

As I was interested, so I investigated. It seems that the real face of Yoshinobu has not become clear. Also there seems to be anecdote that the vassals also have not seen his face.

Even though we look his portrait, we can’t confirm the face because he is wearing mask.

12 Senshu Park_The Statake Historical Material Museum_Portrait of Yoshinobu Satake↑Portrait of Yoshinobu Satake in The Statake Historical Material Museum.

By the way, the reason why he looks like one leg is he is taking a sitting style called Kekkabusa.

I would like to return to topic of Akita Beauty again.

There was a woman poet named Ono no Komachi in Japan. She was very beautiful, so she is counted one of the world’s best 3 beauties in Japan.

In legend, it is said that the birthplace of Ono no Komachi is Akita prefecture, and the legend is left that she spent in this place in her closing years.

On the other hand, the theory that Yoshinobu took beautiful women from Mito is the 17th century, so the theory of it has no credibility.

So, Everybody in Mito, please forgive me what I referred to the theory of above-mentioned(^^;

“Words can be the source of great harm.”

I think it is better for you not to say until you reach a conviction.

It is also true that Akita has all the elements that make women become beautiful. So let’s visit Akita, even though it is short time, and let’s become beautiful!

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Kubota Castle:

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