What is the original form of Ishibutai Tumulus?


Ishibutai TumulusIs the form that is piled many big stones trying to blend with the surrounding scenery?

Or it would like to parade a dignified appearance?

01 Ishibutai TumulusIt will show various expressions.

Ishibutai Tumulus produces such the atmosphere.

The gross weight that makes a stone burial chamber is about 2,300 tons. Even though, only a ceiling stone is 77 tons.

02 Ishibutai Tumulus

03 Ishibutai Tumulus

04 Ishibutai TumulusIt was concluded it was 50 square meters big double-deck square tumulus by the excavation survey in the nineteen-thirties.

06 Ishibutai Tumulus

07 Ishibutai Tumulus

↑The first deck of tumulus and moat

Sogano no Umako is a man who laid the foundation of Soga family around 500-600.

It is a commonly accepted theory Ishibutai Tumulus is for Soga no Umako.

However, it is just the commonly accepted theory to the bitter end, because what practically Ishibutai Tumulus appeared on the literature in the first is in around 1680. It means almost all potion of long history of Ishibutai Tumulus doesn’t escape from speculation.

So mystery still cloaks Ishibutai Tumulus.

For example, a sarcophagus that should been put away in the ancient tumulus is not found in Ishiputai Tumulus. The sarcophagus that is exhibited in the side of Ishibutai Tumulus was restored assuming that a fragment that is found in the stone burial chamber is a part of sarcophagus.

08 Ishibutai Tumulus↑The restored sarcophagus

In that case, we will be allowed to have a dream free from common sense toward Ishibutai Tumulus that is no record until around 1680 and the truth has not been revealed. Don’t you think so?

What the bank that had covered the stone burial chamber is lost and a huge stone burial chamber is exposed is characteristic of Ishibutai Tumulus.

However, why the bank lost is not made clear.

To begin with, when we see the other ancient tumuluses, there isn’t opportunity to see big ancient tumuluses that stone burial chambers are exposed same as it.

Which means there might had not been the bank from the beginning.

There are dolmens that are in the worldwide.

A dolmen is a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of two or more vertical megaliths supporting a large flat horizontal capstone, although there are also more complex variants.

We can see the dolmens not only in Europe such as Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal, France and Spain, but also Indonesia, Israel, China and Korea.

09 The dolmen in Paulnabrone of Ireland↑The dolmen in Paulnabrone of Ireland. (Authority: Wikipedia)

When we see it from this viewpoint, it is not strange even if there is a possibly Ishibutai Tumulus was dolmen that is exposed stones rather than no bank from the first.

If we make story leap further, the dolmen might be one of the buildings that spread network over the world with something common purpose rather than tumulus.

For example, it seems that Stonehenge in UK is sometimes regarded a kind of dolmen. In addition, some theories are put forward such as ritual site of heliolatry, chapel of druidism of Celt. There is an ancient observatory as one of those theories.

10 Stonehenge↑Stonehenge in UK

If we pursue from the cosmic viewpoint, we might be able to have Ishibutai Tumulus connect something with dolmen of the other countries.

If we don’t deny anything until the truth is elucidated, it might be fun, because we can connect to all possibility.

“Ishibutai” of Ishibutai Tumulus means stone stage. It seems that there is a legend “A fox took the shape of a woman, and danced on the Ishibutai Tumulus (on the stage)” in one of reason for naming Ishibutai Tumulus. Even though this thing might be true thing not legend.

If you have an opportunity to visit Ishibutai Tumulus, how about you see the Ishibutai Tumulus instead of thinking that no way there is that such a ridiculous?

Your dream door will open and you will meet new fresh world.

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