Japan’s high technology which support the Heijo Palace from beneath


Heijo Palace

There is a ruins of Heijo Palace in Nara where was the former capital city in Japan about 1300 years ago.

It was the big palace which length was 1.3km for east and west, 1.0km for north and south, and the area was 120 hectare.

One of the etymology of Nara comes from “It was made by leveling the ground”. When translate “level the ground” in Japanese, it is “Nara-su”. The ruin of Heijo Palace is one of the representative historic site which suit closely the etymology of Nara.

01 Heijo Palace_Daiichi Daikokuden

Nara is said that the east end of the Silk Road.

Due to that, many people who came from China, Korea and also distant India must have come and gone on the Suzaku Avenue which is the central main street in front of Heijo Palace. There was Heijo Palace in the northern end of Suzaku Avenue.

02 Heijo Palace_Suzaku Gate

↑Suzaku Gate

The ruins of Heijo Palace leaves a vestige of those days was registered UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 along with a number of other buildings and area, as the “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara.”

The towering majestically the biggest building of Heijo Palace is Daiichi-Daikokuden (The Great Hall of State) which was restored in April-2010 in commemoration of 1300 years establishment anniversary.

03 Heijo Palace_Daiichi Daikokuden


The then drawings and pictures to be a reference have not remained for Daiichi-Daikokuden, so it was estimated size and appearance by temple of same era, and was restored by reference of foundation which is ascertained in the excavation research.

There is a proverb “A powerful man of the space under the floor” in Japan. It means the action of making efforts and having a hard time without having them be noticed by others. It’s like “Unsung hero”.

Daiichi-Daikokuden is installed base isolation structure for the earthquake. The exterior is covered by design of 1300 years ago, and the interior is installed the highest level of building technology which Japan boasts to the world.

Exactly “A powerful man of the space under the floor”!

Heijo Palace takes superlative active in unnoticeable place while showing the old figure ostensibly.

It’s cool Japan!

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