Will you go through Arai barrier station or make a detour?


We can come and go in all parts of contemporary peaceful Japan.

However many barrier stations had existed until 150 years ago, so it was not so easy to move.

There are barrier stations even now, but it is historic spot or it is object that was restored to its original state as purpose of tourism and learning institution.

Among that barrier stations, Arai barrier station is only existing barrier station in Japan!

01 Arai barrier station

02 Arai barrier stationIf Hakone barrier station that is especially famous in Japan is important barrier station for mountain, we can say Arai barrier station that is placed in lake inlet of Lake Hamana connected to the sea is important barrier station for sea.

The current Arai barrier station doesn’t touch to lake inlet due to reclamation, but the harbor had adjoined before and it was possible for comings and goings of boat. The current Arai barrier station was also restored to its original state for the harbor.

03 Arai barrier station and harbor↑Arai barrier station and harbor

04 Horbor of Arai barrier station↑Harbor

Arai barrier station was barrier station placed on Tōkaidō (Tōkaidō is one of th Japanese an old main roads) , but there was another road where branched off before Arai barrier station and it was placed on the North of Lake Hamana. The road was called Himekaidō. Hime means princess, and kaidō means road, so Himekaidō means Princes road.

There is a theory that many women used for one of the etymology of Himekaidō. Why many women used?

The strict regulations against women were carried out on the barrier station. It was called “Iri-deppou, de-onna”.

06 Arai barrier station

07 Arai barrier station_Regulation of woman↑Regulation of woman

Or, the formal name of Arai barrier station is Imakiri barrier station. Ima means now, kiri means cut, so Imakiri become Now-cut. The women of those days believed omen or superstition, so Imakiri reminded unlucky word as if chance and lucky will be cut.

Due to above reasons, it seems that many women avoided Arai barrier station (Imakiri barrier station) and made a detour to Himekaidō.

However if there many women selected Himekaidō, I think many men also selected Himekaidō.

Don’t you think so? Or, Is it only me that thinks so? (^^;

On the other hand, if you want to cut omen, you can think Arai barrier station (Imakiri barrier station) might good place.

If you think like this, the perceptional change is important.

Around the Lake Hamana is the place of scenic beauty. Please visit Arai barrier station after enjoining for scene of Lake Hamana

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Arai barrier station:

1227 Arai, Arai-cho, Kosai, Shizuoka, Japan

Post code: 431-0302