Iwakuni Castle has jumped on the bandwagon


Iwakuni Castle

Iwakuni Castle was built by command of Hiroie Kikkawa who was the lord for domain of Iwakuni.

In 1603, the construction of Iwakuni Castle was started. After 5 years, it was completed. However, the castle was deserted by command of Tokugawa regime in 1615. The life was only 7 years.

Iwakuni Castle is on the top of mountain with altitude 300m, but we can go there by a ropeway.

01 View from ropeway↑View from ropeway

So, it is easy today to go to the castle, but we can suppose it was hard in those days that haven’t the ropeway.

It is said that the persons concerned of castle took Iwakuni-sushi when they go to castle. Iwakuni-sushi was devised as nonperishables in anticipation of the warfare, because there weren’t enough water and food on the mountain castle.

02 Iwakuni-sushi


Today, Iwakuni-sushi becomes local dishes, and it has entertained the sightseers.

The recipe of Iwakuni-sushi is as followings.

It will be filled in the capacity 6 to 18 liters wooden frames by vinegared rice that is mixed flake fish, and then, lotus root and shiitake mushroom will be added on the surface. After that, lotus leaves and Japanese banana plant leaves will be put on the top as boundary.

The same work will be repeated, and it will be piled up 2 to 5 layers.

Then, it will be weighed down for 1 night to infiltrate taste into the rice.

Finally, the wooden frames will be removed, and be cut 8 to 12cm square by kitchen knife.

03 Iwakuni-sushi


Its just looks like sandwiches (^^)

By the way, why Iwakuni Castle was built on the top of mountain?

There was Sanyodo Road that was main road around this region on the west side of the mountain. The castle was built to judge the world situation by watching the road, and to prepare for the warfare.

However, that role is not necessary in the present day. It is related to the current castle position.

To tell the truth, current castle position is not original position.

The current castle is reconstructed castle.

04 Iwakuni Castle

↑Iwakuni Castle

It was built on current position in 1962. The original position is off 30m from current position, and original stone foundation has been left.

05 Original stone foundation of Iwakuni Castle↑Original stone foundation

Why the castle was not reconstructed on the original position?

There is a famous “Kintai Bridge” on the east side of the mountain, so many sightseers visit there. If the castle was built on the original position where is the west side of mountain, we can’t see the castle from Kintai Bridge. The upshot is that the castle finished the role of guard, so it was built on the current position to regard that views is important.

06 Kintai Bridge and Iwakuni Castle

07 Kintai Bridge and Iwakuni Castle↑Kintai Bridge and Iwakuni Castle

Kintai Bridge and Iwakuni Castle have created beautiful view in the present time, and it has entertained the sightseers still more!

Iwakuni Castle tells us importance for jumping on the bandwagon from the top of mountain.

The view from the top of the castle is superb!

08 View from Iwakuni Castle↑The view from Iwakuni Castle

We can see Iwakuni airport and Seto Inland Sea on the sunny day. By the way, Iwakuni airport is airport that Mrilyn Monroe arrived when she came to Japan.

We can see this beautiful view because the castle was reconstructed on the current position.

Let’t have an Iwakuni-sushi and go to Iwakuni Castle!

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Iwakuni Castle

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