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Mikimoto Pearl Island is learning space of Cultured Pearls

When crossing a bridge over the deep jade color’s sea, that is a pearl kingdom! It’s Mikimoto Pearl Island.The exhibited many kind of beautiful pearls in the pearl museum. You can also see the demonstration of women peal divers. The name of the shrine enshrined in the island is “Tama-no-miya”. ✳︎Tama is including meaning of pearl.The island is covered with pearls. Formerly, limited wealthy people could only easily obtain natural pearls. It is Japanese cultured pearls that reversed it. In 1893, Mr Kokichi Mikimoto was successful for the aquaculture of pearls under the guidance of Mr Yoshiyoshi Misaki who was a zoologist and a doctor of science.↑The statue of Mr … Read More

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Himeji Castle is protected by invisible power

The white wall that is shining in the sky of commelina communis color will fascinate the visitors.Himeji Castle specified as Japanese national treasure and World Heritage site is on the summit of Japanese castle architectural.Himeji Castle was built by Sadanori Akamatsu firstly in 1346. The base of current castle tower was built in 1581.↑Stone wall around 1581 After that, Terumasa Ikeda who became the lord of castle commenced drastic remodeling in 1601. 9 years after, the Himeji Castle that we can see now was completed.What this beautiful castle keeps original form is nothing other than gratitude. There is a fact that Himeji Castle has escaped the threat of war and … Read More

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Did the demon really exist? What’s the origin of demon of Beppu?

The number of source for natural hot spring is more than 2,300 places! It holds one-tenth in Japan! The yield of hot water is 125,000 kl per one day. This is also Japan’s largest level! And, the scenery where white vapor rises from the streets of the city is impressive! Beppu is a hot spring resort worthy of the name of Hot Spring City both in name and reality.↑Beppu city↑Hot spring for hand in front of Beppu station↑Hot spring facility (Takegawara Onsen) in city center of Beppu Fudoki are ancient reports on provincial culture, geography, and oral tradition presented to the reigning monarchs of Japan, also known as local gazetteers. … Read More

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Who is Japanese famous man who protected beautiful landscape of Kyoushuhou?

Kyoushuhou is a scenic spot where high steep peak of rock and trees on there make beauty scenery with superb contrast.↑Kyoushuhou When I visited there, it was ill-timed rainy day, so my feeling was also threatening to rain. However the faint hazy peaks made mysterious landscape where as if legendary wizard lives, and the landscape swept away my gloomy feeling.↑Kyoushuhou Kyoushuhou means 8 peaks of rock compete to soar. Aonodōmon (meaning “blue tunnel”) that Buddhist priest named Zenkai dug 250 years ago is on the skirts of such a Kyoushuhou.↑Aonodōmon ↑The statue of Zenkai and Kyoshuhou When Zenkai stopped at here during his itinerant, here was dangerous spot that road … Read More

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How was water supplied to Ako Castle?

“Ako incident” or “Forty-seven rōnin disambiguation” is very famous historical story in Japan. The hero of this story is Mr Naganori Asano. Mr Naganao Asano who is grandfather of Naganori completed Ako Castle with spending 13 years from 1610. Mr Masazumi Kondo who was a chief retainer of Naganao and military scientist designed Ako Castle, and Sokou Yamaga who was also military scientist was invited and added treatment during building of the castle. As described Ako Castle is built according to military science, and the characteristic is complicated and zigzag stonewall and each gate that is established with different angle. Therefore Ako Castle is very rare castle that has deformation … Read More

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Things that exist, and the things did not exist in Mt Kanpū

The wind swims freely without any obstruction. Altitude 355m. Mt Kanpū located at the base of the Oga Peninsula has no tall trees or big rocks and the whole surface is covered with turf. ↑Mt Kanpū When I visited Mt Kanpū, it was hard to walk because it was quite a strong wind. For the wind, it seems like foreign body has entered. Geographer Shigahisa Shiga(1863~1927) says that Mt Kanpū is one of the world’s three scenic areas alongside the Grand Canyon of USA and the fjords of Norway. I think that it is a slightly exaggerated expression, but it is certainly a rare landscape and the bird’s-eye view there … Read More

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Unexpected story for the sacred place “Kōyasan” of Shingon Buddhism

By the way, the unexpected story arouses interest. The spread ground is appeared suddenly on mountain of height above 900m. It is Buddhist city in the sky “Koyasan” ! ↑Temple town of Koyasan ↑Koyasan_Danjo-Garan An unexpected story get mixed also in here. The basin where 6 km east-west and north-south about 3 km is surrounded by peaks of 8 leaves. The 8 leaves symbolize petals of lotus flower, so the terrain is expressed “As lotus flower opens”. It became 1200th in 2015 since Kobo-Daish Kukai opened an exercise hall of Shingon Buddhism in this place. Indeed it is the sacred place of Shingon Buddhism, so there are a lot of … Read More

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Will you go through Arai barrier station or make a detour?

We can come and go in all parts of contemporary peaceful Japan. However many barrier stations had existed until 150 years ago, so it was not so easy to move. There are barrier stations even now, but it is historic spot or it is object that was restored to its original state as purpose of tourism and learning institution. Among that barrier stations, Arai barrier station is only existing barrier station in Japan! If Hakone barrier station that is especially famous in Japan is important barrier station for mountain, we can say Arai barrier station that is placed in lake inlet of Lake Hamana connected to the sea is important … Read More

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The settlement of Gokayama gassho-zukuri in unexpectedness

The directly opposite landscape of city is expanding in there. The harmonized landscape where is with artificial building and nature. The settlement where have unique shape houses. Gokayama is settlement of gassho-zukuri. Gassho-zukuri is one of the styles of building. The special feature is steep straw-thatched roof. I think everybody who visit here will be fascinated by this landscape. It is not so old that green of the paddy field was added to the settlement of gassho-zukuri. The starting of rice farming is 1888 in settlement “Ainokura” that is one of the 2 major gassho-zukuri settlements in Gokayama. The starting of rice farming for another settlement “Suganuma” is 1945, it … Read More

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It is clean Lake Shikotsu surrounded by a virgin forest

It’s a depression made by volcanic activity. The one that rainwater accumulated there and became a lake is called a crater lake. Lake Shikotsu is one of the crater lakes representing Hokkaido. ↑Lake Shikotsu The biggest lake in Japan is Lake Biwa, but though the area of Lake Shikotsu is 1/9 of Lake Biwa, the volume of water kept in store is the second next to Lake Biwa in Japan. That is obvious, because the depth of the water is also the second in Japan (the maximum depth is 360m). ↑Lake Shikotsu Furthermore, it is fulfilled by high transparency water. The most transparent lake in the world is Lake Baikal … Read More

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