Gujo-Hachiman surrounded by the clear stream and fake food

Sushi, Tempura, Yakitori。。。。。 These are the Japanese typical foods. Japanese food has been registered as World Intangible Cultural Heritage in Dec-2013. Well, what is the definition of Japanese food? According to president Isao Kumakura of Shizuoka University of Art and Culture, 4 items of “Boiled Rice” “Miso Soup” “Side dish” and “Pickles” are basic element of Japanese food, and he say that is the Japanese food if they are completed. And we do not know exactly, but it is said the meals consisting of these elements began about 1000 years ago. These elements have evolved individually in contemporary Japan, and then It have built up a unique food culture which … Read More

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The animal who decided consequence of war in Dannoura

 There were wars which became major chage points of the Japanese history in this Kanmon Strait where giant bridge across. Japan had been a federal state that gather the countries which are ruled by feudal lords until the mid-1800s. Choshu-han which is the one country of them had waged Bakan War to the Union fleet of England, France, Holland and America on the satage of Kanmon Strait. The replica of the cannon that Choshu-han used at that time has been aligned toward the sea. ↑Cannon Furthermore 680 years ago in 1800 it is traced back from the Bakan War, Genji and Heishi who were two large force of Japan at … Read More

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Can Takaoka Big Buddha win the bronze medal?

 Please ask Japanese people “Do you know 3 large statues of Buddha in Japan?” Almost all Japanese people will be able to answer to 2 of the 3, but shouldn’t be able to answer for another 1. The 2 statues are “Nara Big Buddha” and “Kamakura Big Buddha”. Who is the third of the Big Buddha? There are several theories, it means vacant virtually. So this time I would like to focus on the Takaoka Big Buddha which is one of the third candidate. Takaoka is a town of copper, and it has accounted for 90% of the yield of copperware in Japan! Takaoka copperware is also famous nationwide. And … Read More

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What is hidden in Usuki Castle?

“Country Destruction”……  What’s this? Do you know? Japan is made up by four islands which are called Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. Sorin Otomo is a warlord who spread his territory around Oita of Kyushu. Shimazu is also warlord who spread his territory around Kagoshima of Kyushu. Sorin was besieged to Usuki Castle during the fight against Shimazu. At that time, Sorin protected the castle by using the “Country Destruction” ! The answer of “Country Destruction” is the cannon! It is downright amazing name “Country Destruction”! But certainly, cannon has the power to destroy the country, so it is not so wrong name. Do you think so? Sorin is the … Read More

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The drama of returnee who was draft form Katsurahama-beach

The white wave cause complement the boundary line between the blue sea and the sandy beach, and it is built up to even more beautiful landscape of sandy beach spread arcuately. This sandy beach called Katsurahama-beach lies in Kochi. Katsurahama-beach is sung in verse of Japanese traditional folk song “Yosakoi” that remains in Kochi, and it is also known as a showplace of the moon since ancient times. Tosa Bay spread in front of Katsurahama-beach inhabits various whales. The bay is one of the popular spots where we can make a whale watching. About 150 years before, there was the changing point of history called the Meiji Restoration in Japan. … Read More

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The relation between Northern Culture Museum and rice

There is a national snack that everyone know if Japanese. The name is Kaki-no-tane. In addition, we call Kaki-pe which is mixed with peanuts. Incidentally, the meaning of Kaki-no-tane is “Seed of persimmon”.  ↑Kaki-no-tane ↑Kaki-pe When you come to Japan, please ask Japanese “Do you know Kaki no tane?” Everyone should answer as always “Yes, Of course!” Due to spicy and soy flavored, Kaki-no-tane is often eaten as a knob of beer. From this, it is called the companion of beer in between Japanese. The raw material of Kaki-no-tane is rice. And one of the best rice production areas is Niigata in Japan. Kameda Seika is one of the company that … Read More

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Let’s play the leading part on the stage of Kiyomizu Temple!

It’s like a huge woodwork! Even though it is an artifact, it is in perfect harmony with the surrounding mountains. Everyone will be fascinated in the landscape. Kiyomizu Temple was founded in 778. The current appearance was reconstructed by third Shogun Iemitsu Tokugawa in 1633. Kiyomizu Temple is famous for its stage.  In Japan, there is a proverb that says “Jump off from the stage of Kiyomizu”. Its meaning is “to take the plunge”. Actually, are there people who jumped off? According to the record, it seems to have jumped even 234 people, including those that have been detained in advance from 1694 to 1864. The reason why jumping off … Read More

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