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Who is the designer of maple dumpling?

There is a word “Nihon Sankei” in Japan. Nihon Sankei means the three most scenic spots of Japan. One of them is Miyajima. The formal name is Itsukushima, but it is called generally Miyajima. There is Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima. Miya means shrine. Shima means island. Therefore, Miyajima comes from “Island that has a shrine”. ↑Miyajima There are many beauty spots with a focus on Itsukushima Shrine, but also you can enjoy foods such as yster, conger, Momiji manju and so on. Especially, It is no too much to say that Momiji manju become a synonym for souvenir of Miyajima. Momiji is a kind of maple, and manju is a … Read More

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The castle tower of Imabari Castle had existed or not?

The width is 54m! It has the foremost width moat in the Japanese castles. ↑Moat of Imabari Castle The castle encircled by the large moat reminds us of form that looks as if a seabird is going to fly away from the sea. Imabari Castle is a castle built on the seaside and it is one of the three major castles in Japan! I hear that marine fish such as the black porgy inhabit because seawater is leaded into the moat. Who built this castle? It is Takatora Todo who is an accomplished castle builder, and he is one of the originators of castle style of Edo period (1603-1868) in … Read More

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Shibu Onsen is representative of Kakushi-yu

There is a word “Kakushi-yu” in Japan. If I translated literally to English, it will be “Hidden hot springs”. The hidden hot springs indicate hot springs that were used monopoly by the feudal lords in the age of feudalism in Japan. The word comes from “Don’t let others use it”, namely “Hide”. The most famous hidden hot spring is Kakushi-yu of Shingen Takeda. Shingen is one of the famous warlords who was showing off one large power in the warring states period of Japan about 400 years ago. Due to there were lots of hot springs in the domain of Shingen, hot spring was used by soldiers. Shibu Onsen is … Read More

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The whole countries unification was started from Matsudaira-gou and globalization go Toyota Motor Corporation

Tokyo is the capital city of Japanese. At one time Tokyo was called Edo. Japan put an end a period to the age of provincial wars about 400 years ago. The man who unified finally countries of rivalry between warlords is Ieyasu Tokugawa. Ieyasu established Tokugawa regime in Edo and built up the strong government structure. After that Edo city have continued growth, and have continued also after the name was changed to Tokyo. And then Tokyo became a leading global city in the world. ↑Edo castle ruins In short, it is no exaggeration to say that Tokyo was built by Ieyasu. By the way, Tokyo became the global city, … Read More

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The fusion of nature and artificial building is an attraction of Engyo-ji temple

The plain where artificial buildings spread and the mountains covered with lush green natural trees cross and produce a beautiful scenery. This is the view form Mount Shosha where is about 4 minutes by ropeway, elevation 371m. ↑ Ropeway ↑Mount Shosha The Mount Shosha himself also keeps superb balance by artificial buildings and lush green natural trees. Engyo-ji temple is arranged as if the buildings melt into the forest on the Mount Shosha. Never a nail and a spike is used on the pillars that support detachment of Manido that is main building of Engyo-ji temple. ↑Manido Engyo-ji temple was founded by priest Shoku in 966 will make visitor feel fusion of artificial, … Read More

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The puffer fishes invite good luck in Shimonoseki

Puffer fish is a fish with deadly poison. ↑Puffer fish(Download from free photo site) Even though the puffer fish is one of the popular fish as a delicious fish among the Japanese. Shimonoseki is the biggest accumulation area of the puffer fish in Japan. ↑Shimonoseki Shimonoseki is important point where cross East China Sea, Japan Sea and Seto Inland Sea and a good fishing ground. And also, off the coast of Genkai Sea and Western coast of Seto Inland Sea is an egg-laying site of Japanese puffer fish. The connection with puffer fish and Shimonoseki is very old. So the bone of puffer fish was excavated in the kitchen midden … Read More

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Let’s join in the lakeside district boat tour and observe the reed in Ohmihachiman!

View from houseboat floating leisurely on the water. It’s . . . . . Lush vegetation is growing on the both sides of waterway. Waterfowl appear occasionally. Tortoise is basking in the sun. Unusual and comfortable space where surrounded calm landscape . . . . . . It is a privilege given to the people who experience the lakeside district boat tour of Ohmihachiman. The lakeside district of Ohmihachiman expands around “Nishino Lake” where is the biggest lake as inside lake of Biwa Lake. This lakeside district was selected as first Cultural Landscape of Japan in Jan-2006, and also it was registered as Ramsar Convention in Oct-2008. It means Japanese … Read More

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The evolved Konpeito is produced in “Ryokujuan-Shimizu” in Kyoto

Green, White, Pink. The colors have not only tongue but also eyes enjoy combination with unique shape. The candy is mysterious shape. It is Konpeito! Konpeito is in Japan from long ago. It is also found on the literature issued in 1688 that mention a tradesman became a millionaire by the success of Konpeito production. In reality, Konpeito came from Portugal and spread in Japan. It was Confeito that was presented when Portuguese missionary Luis Frois had an audience with Nobunaga Oda who is supreme ruler of the day in 1569. “Konpeito” was a corrupted from of “Confeito”. By the way, “Konpei” is including meaning of strong and robust. Konpeito came all the way form … Read More

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Iwakuni Castle has jumped on the bandwagon

Iwakuni Castle was built by command of Hiroie Kikkawa who was the lord for domain of Iwakuni. In 1603, the construction of Iwakuni Castle was started. After 5 years, it was completed. However, the castle was deserted by command of Tokugawa regime in 1615. The life was only 7 years. Iwakuni Castle is on the top of mountain with altitude 300m, but we can go there by a ropeway. ↑View from ropeway So, it is easy today to go to the castle, but we can suppose it was hard in those days that haven’t the ropeway. It is said that the persons concerned of castle took Iwakuni-sushi when they go … Read More

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Tamatsukuri Onsen was producing center of OOPARTS

It exists. Accordingly, we need to overthrow the commonly accepted theory. So, it is excluded from subject of investigation and research, and it can’t stand on the front stage. It’s OOPARTS! OOPARTS is the coinage comes from out-of-place artifacts. It refers to the archaeological artifact that it has been produced in processing technology that does not meet the level of the era and culture and civilization that produced. What things are there concretely? The examples are as followings. ■The stone coffin of Palenque. The picture like an astronaut rides on a rocket is carved on the stone coffin, the length 3m, width 2.1m, height 1.1m, was hollowed from a piece … Read More

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